[GET-dev] Re: Latest draft

Madeleine Price Ball meprice at fas.harvard.edu
Mon May 31 18:04:27 EDT 2010

> Re: bug 22, this is a problem beyond our control. dbSNP (via the link
> you sent me) agrees with Trait-o-matic and labels rs3798220 as I1891M.
> This is based on NP_005568.2. As noted in that file,
> "Depending on the individual, the encoded protein contains 2-43 copies
> of kringle-type domains. The allele represented here contains 15
> copies of the kringle-type repeats and corresponds to that found in
> the reference genome sequence. [provided by RefSeq]. Sequence Note:
> This gene is highly polymorphic in length and number of exons due to
> variation in the number of kringle IV-2 repeats which vary from 2-43
> copies among individuals. This RefSeq record was created from the
> reference genome assembly based on the exon representation found in
> DQ452068.1 whose sequence is consistent with the reference genome
> sequence, and includes 15 copies of the kringle IV-2 repeats."

Thanks for tracking down and clarifying bug 22! I'm sorry I didn't
trust the system more. I guess it helps to learn these stories so in
the future we're familiar with how it can break (I already knew about
leader peptides, so I was prepared to see a shorter literature
position, not longer).

 -- Madeleine

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