[arvados] Announcing Arvados v1.4.1

Tom Morris tfmorris at veritasgenetics.com
Tue Sep 24 03:23:48 UTC 2019

The Arvados team is pleased to announce Arvados v1.4.1 which includes a few
high priority bug fixes. The most important fix is for a container reuse
bug (#15499 <https://dev.arvados.org/issues/15499>) which prevented the
reuse of containers created by v1.4.0. Reuse of containers created by
earlier versions of Arvados still worked. Since job reuse is one of the key
benefits/features of Arvados, we wanted to release the fix right away and
not wait for v1.5. We recommend upgrading to this latest release as soon as

Full list of bug fixes:


   Container reuse fix (#15499 <https://dev.arvados.org/issues/15499>)

   Performance fix for Workbench with large database (#15583

   Group assignments didn’t work on admin user page (#15496

   crunchstat-summary performance analysis tool didn’t work with v1.4.x
   workflow runs (#15486 <https://dev.arvados.org/issues/15486>, #15554

   Invalid date formats caused problems when authenticating to certain
   non-AWS S3-compatible storage services (#15605

Please review the release notes
<https://doc.arvados.org/admin/upgrading.html> before upgrading. For
Arvados v1.4.1, the Centos7 Python dependency has been updated from
rh-python35 to rh-python36.
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