[arvados] Setting up a api and controleer server

Jerome jerome at ibt.unam.mx
Sat Aug 3 00:11:16 UTC 2019

Dear all

I'm trying to install Arvados here in my Institute. For the moment, we
are interesting in the keepstore server capabilities of Arvados, for a
firt step.

I've following the documentaion online, after i've tryed it with the
docker image.
Ate the end of the controller configuration, i run the following command
like in the documentation:

$  curl -X OPTIONS

And i don't ahve any error message.

I go inside my docker image, and run the same command, changing the port
number from 9004 to 8003, as it's the controller port in the docker
image of arvbox (if I'm not wrong..)

$ curl -X OPTIONS

What's wrong in what i'm doing? As the docker image get me the same
result as in my proper server, is not the documentation false here?

Hope that's someone could help me.


-- Jérôme
Un buen libro es como un buen viaje,
se empieza con inquietud y se termina con nostalgía

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