[arvados] running cwl workflow on arvados

Sehrish Kanwal skanwal at student.unimelb.edu.au
Fri May 12 01:58:28 EDT 2017


I am new to arvados and trying to run my cwl workflow using it. I have
setup my VM and have the directory structure setup like the one I had at my
local machine.
I am getting an error: Field `run` contains undefined reference to
`file:///data-sdc/home/skanw al/keep2/home/New%20collection/BWA-mem.cwl`
I think that is something to do with referencing files using/in keep. Can
someone help me with that? More specifically how can I run my cwl workflow
on arvados? What requirements do I need to fulfil before trying that?

Kind Regards,
Sehrish Kanwal
PhD Research Scholar
Computing and Information Systems, Melbourne School of Engineering
The University of Melbourne
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