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Osman Gursoy ogursoy at ius.edu.ba
Mon Dec 25 05:39:01 EST 2017


My purpose is to just install manual setup in a small lab to demonstrate the arvados. So, I have setup 7 VM running centos on the same network. I am trying to follow the manual installation steps shown in the arvados documentation.
I had difficulties with the recent version of the postgres. For instance 3rd step :

sudo sed -ri -e 's/^(host +all +all +(127\.0\.0\.1\/32|::1\/128) +)ident$/\1md5/' /var/lib/pgsql/data/pg_hba.conf
Is this installation manual is uptodate ?

For example, the  path for the .conf file is at totally different place. So this command gives error.  I am newby for both linux environment and ruby.

Is there any alternative documentation for manual installation?  I am also having issues with the ruby version . Most recent rails do not get installed on this version of the ruby. some other dependencies do not like the ruby 2.3

I appreciate your help and guidance.

Hrasnicka cesta 15, 71210 Sarajevo, BiH

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