[arvados] citing a workflow

Mattias de Hollander m.dehollander at nioo.knaw.nl
Wed Oct 7 06:08:55 EDT 2015


Today it just crossed my mind that it would be nice if co-authors and 
collaborators could cite a instance of a workflow with a DOI. Is such 
implemented in Arvados or will it be in the future?

In  a quick search I found out about Zenodo 
(https://guides.github.com/activities/citable-code/), where you can get 
a DOI for a release on github but also for other things. Off course 
placing the Common Workflow Language (CWL) file on github and citing 
that is an idea, but if there is an integrated approach possible I am 
also interested.

If there are any other possibilities to this I am also happy to hear 
about them. If a CWL workflow can be cited in another way I would also 
be fine with that.



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