[Arvados] Deploy Arvados

Bock, Cornelius Cornelius.Bock at student.hpi.uni-potsdam.de
Mon Apr 22 03:35:58 EDT 2013

Hello everybody,

I'm interested in the Arvados-Project and want to deploy it. Are there any more detailed instructions than in the
install guide<http://doc.arvados.org/install/>?
I have some Linux boxes here which should work as a cluster. They do also have access to an in-memory database.
I could create an nfs-share, but how do i create a "Keep volume"?
Do i need to use a VM for the Arvados REST API server? Why can't i just run it directly? Are there more detailed
instructions about installing this, especially about configurations i have to choose?
How do i create an administrator account?
What is the job manager, where should i deploy it and how?
What else do i need?

Thank you for any information!

Best regards,
Cornelius Bock

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