[GET-dev] Curation features added

Tom Clegg tom at clinicalfuture.com
Wed Feb 2 14:06:01 EST 2011


I have added basic "curation" functionality to evidence.personalgenomes.org:

* We can (manually) designate individual users as official curators.

* Curators can click an "approve" button to indicate that they have
reviewed a variant page and consider it fit for publication.

* All users/visitors see a "curation status" box at the top of each
variant page, which indicates whether this version has been reviewed
and approved by a curator.  If not, there is a link to the "latest
approved version" (if there is one).

* We expect the "most recent reviewed version" will typically lag
behind the "most recently edited" version, and both are of obvious
interest.  So, beside the "curation" indicator, there is a
"currentness" indicator with an analogous link to "see the latest
version" when applicable.  This makes it obvious which version you're
looking at, and easy to flip back and forth between the two.

There is much more to be done, but this should allow us to start
getting some reviewing done.  It also has a side effect of providing
an additional reminder that the GET-Evidence content is
community-edited and should not be swallowed without question.

Future developments in this area will include:

* Report of pages wanting curator attention (i.e., having unreviewed edits);
* Indication of *who* approved the version you're looking at;
* Indication in the edit history of which versions have been
reviewed/approved, and by whom;
* Ability for multiple curators to approve the same page/version;
* Ability for users to select "show latest reviewed version by default".


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