[ARVADOS] updated: 1.3.0-2540-gb4603c6c6

Git user git at public.arvados.org
Mon May 4 16:32:16 UTC 2020

Summary of changes:
 services/keepproxy/keepproxy.go | 4 ++--
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

  discards  defdea5df1baf318b3a34c60e2fe148afff66a51 (commit)
       via  b4603c6c684246942d6d8747d51b441b9ffc42fb (commit)

This update added new revisions after undoing existing revisions.  That is
to say, the old revision is not a strict subset of the new revision.  This
situation occurs when you --force push a change and generate a repository
containing something like this:

 * -- * -- B -- O -- O -- O (defdea5df1baf318b3a34c60e2fe148afff66a51)
             N -- N -- N (b4603c6c684246942d6d8747d51b441b9ffc42fb)

When this happens we assume that you've already had alert emails for all
of the O revisions, and so we here report only the revisions in the N
branch from the common base, B.

Those revisions listed above that are new to this repository have
not appeared on any other notification email; so we list those
revisions in full, below.

commit b4603c6c684246942d6d8747d51b441b9ffc42fb
Author: Ward Vandewege <ward at jhvc.com>
Date:   Fri May 1 16:55:01 2020 -0400

    16393: keepproxy used cluster.API.KeepServiceRequestTimeout (defaults to
    15s) as the timeout on its connection to the keepstores. When a slow client
    sends blocks to keepproxy, they get streamed through to keepstore, and
    the upload can take more than cluster.API.KeepServiceRequestTimeout
    seconds. Update keepproxy to use keepclient.DefaultProxyRequestTimeout
    (300s) instead when it connects to the keepstores.
    Arvados-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Ward Vandewege <ward at jhvc.com>

diff --git a/services/keepproxy/keepproxy.go b/services/keepproxy/keepproxy.go
index 547e77e5f..188173274 100644
--- a/services/keepproxy/keepproxy.go
+++ b/services/keepproxy/keepproxy.go
@@ -163,7 +163,7 @@ func run(logger log.FieldLogger, cluster *arvados.Cluster) error {
 	signal.Notify(term, syscall.SIGINT)
 	// Start serving requests.
-	router = MakeRESTRouter(kc, time.Duration(cluster.API.KeepServiceRequestTimeout), cluster.ManagementToken)
+	router = MakeRESTRouter(kc, time.Duration(keepclient.DefaultProxyRequestTimeout), cluster.ManagementToken)
 	return http.Serve(listener, httpserver.AddRequestIDs(httpserver.LogRequests(router)))



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