[ARVADOS] created: 1.3.0-2540-gdefdea5df

Git user git at public.arvados.org
Fri May 1 20:57:18 UTC 2020

        at  defdea5df1baf318b3a34c60e2fe148afff66a51 (commit)

commit defdea5df1baf318b3a34c60e2fe148afff66a51
Author: Ward Vandewege <ward at jhvc.com>
Date:   Fri May 1 16:55:01 2020 -0400

    16393: keepproxy used cluster.API.KeepServiceRequestTimeout (defaults to
    15s) as the timeout on its connection to the keepstores. When a slow client
    sends blocks to keepproxy, they get streamed through to keepstore, and
    the upload can take more than cluster.API.KeepServiceRequestTimeout
    seconds. Update keepproxy to use keepclient.DefaultProxyRequestTimeout
    (300s) instead when it connects to the keepstores.
    Arvados-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Ward Vandewege <ward at jhvc.com>

diff --git a/services/keepproxy/keepproxy.go b/services/keepproxy/keepproxy.go
index 547e77e5f..3eabbd9b5 100644
--- a/services/keepproxy/keepproxy.go
+++ b/services/keepproxy/keepproxy.go
@@ -618,7 +618,7 @@ func (h *proxyHandler) makeKeepClient(req *http.Request) *keepclient.KeepClient
 	kc.RequestID = req.Header.Get("X-Request-Id")
 	kc.HTTPClient = &proxyClient{
 		client: &http.Client{
-			Timeout:   h.timeout,
+			Timeout:   keepclient.DefaultProxyRequestTimeout,
 			Transport: h.transport,
 		proto: req.Proto,



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