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    13484: Add docs about load-balancing API server
    Arvados-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Peter Amstutz <pamstutz at veritasgenetics.com>

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+h2. Multiple load-balanced API server instances
+You can run multiple instances of the API server (on multiple hosts) behind a load balancer provided the following conditions are met:
+* All API server instances are the same version.
+* All API server instances use the same configuration and same backend database instance.
+* You use the Containers API and @crunch-dispatch-slurm@ on a static slurm cluster, or @crunch-dispatch-cloud@ on cloud.
+* All API server instances must be stopped before upgrading.  A single instance must be upgraded first before upgrading the others in order to run database migrations without conflicts.
+The following components are incompatible with multiple API server instances (these components are slated for replacement or removal in future versions.)
+* Node Manager, because it controls compute node DNS through the API server @nodes@ table, which goes on to update files local to the API server instance.
+* The deprecated Jobs API, which also relies on updating files local to the API server instance.



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