[ARVADOS-WORKBENCH2] created: 1.2.1

Git user git at public.curoverse.com
Wed Nov 28 14:28:03 EST 2018

        at  a2948487a2769a96e1e45cf79cacca3a6a0cbb23 (tag)
   tagging  e5ecd847e0a5d64f78ab45194f3b4f2e7fbd199a (commit)
  replaces  1.1.4
 tagged by  Fernando Monserrat
        on  Wed Nov 28 16:27:27 2018 -0300

Release 1.2.1 Hot Fix for Arvados
Arvados-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Fernando Monserrat <fmonserrat at veritasgenetics.com>

Artur Janicki (7):
      #13704: init navigation details panel
      #13704: modify details panel
      #13704: remove headerTitle class and change title
      #13704: add effects for opening the panel
      #13704: change code after CR
      #13704: add custom theme and clean code
      #13704: add attribute comonent and clean code

Daniel Kos (81):
      Add tree structure rendering
      Fix tests passing
      Replaced getting top project list with more generic version
      refs #13535 Merge branch '13535-tree-component' into 13610-projects-hierarchy
      Post merge fixes, connected tree with projects from the server
      Added dynamic sub projects loading
      Fixed test passing
      refs #13610 Merge branch '13610-projects-hierarchy'
      Added passing root owner uuid for top level projects
      refs #13622 Merge branch '13622-children-in-root-tree'
      no issue # Updated packages
      Added collection service, reorganized components structure
      Fixed passing collection tests
      Added collection service instance
      Decoupled services from redux
      Removed separate view-selectors folder for selectors
      refs #13632 Merge branch '13632-collections-service'
      Added data selector for workbench data explorer
      refs #13598 Merge branch 'origin/#13598-Left-side-panel'
      Added central action for navigation
      Merge branch 'origin/master' into 13666-data-explorer-mapper
      Post merge fixes
      Navigation fixes
      Fixed not clearing project panel items immediately on node click/open
      refs #13666 Merge branch 'origin/13666-data-explorer-mapper'
      Fixed test passing
      Exclude coverage files from tslint
      Upgrade packages, fix compilation issues
      Add save exact as default
      Merge branch 'origin/build-fix'
      Remove default exports
      Get rid of context-menu-hoc
      Refactor details-panel
      refs # Merge branch 'origin/remove-default-exports'
      Remove default export
      Add favorite panel
      Fix panel sorting
      Add getting items on favorites click
      Merge 'origin/master' into 13753-favorites-view
      Add favorite star, fix post merge compilation problems
      Add refreshing panel list after toggle favorite
      Add refreshing favorite list if top project was mark as favorite and favorite list was visible
      Remove blue buttons
      refs #13573 Merge branch '13753-favorites-view'
      Build fix
      Introduce service repository
      Remove middleware singletons, remove typescript getters/setters from explorer interface
      Make configurable explicit, remove getDataExplorer
      Remove rowsPerPageOptions optionality
      Move columns definition out of middleware scope
      Remove setBaseUrl
      Make auth reducer side effects free
      Reduce dispatch<any>
      Fix test passing
      refs #13887 Merge branch 'origin/13887-extract-common-functionality-from-project-and-favorites-panels'
      Remove auth client
      refs #master Merge branch 'origin/master' into 13901-services-repo
      refs #13901 Merge branch 'origin/13901-services-repo'
      refs # Update packages to the newest versions (including TS 3.0.1)
      Introduce file component
      refs #master Merge branch 'origin/master' into 13856-upload-component
      Add component layout, add react-dropzone
      Rename updator -> updater
      Further rename updator -> updater
      Further rename updator -> updater
      Further rename updator -> updater
      Fix renaming collection files
      refs #13967 Merge branch 'origin/13967-collection-files-stringifier' into 13856-upload-component
      Add adding files to upload zone
      Add multiple files uploading
      Fix correct bytes not being sent, fix showing upload progress and speed
      Add clearing inputs after collection create, improved disabled create collection button state
      Code review fixes
      refs #13856 Merge branch 'origin/13856-upload-component'
      Fix data explorer changing pages and other actions
      Fix workbench errors due to missing auth service
      Add typescript paths to top level folders
      refs #master Merge branch 'origin/master' into 14007-ts-paths
      refs #14007 Merge branch 'origin/14007-ts-paths'
      Post merge compilation fix
      refs #13989 Merge branch 'origin/13989-webdav-service'

Fernando Monserrat (8):
      13544: remove script and implement build on makefile dependencies
      13544: add build to package creation target as dependency
      13544: cosmetic changes and dependencies
      13544: add Dockerfile to build workbench2 docker image
      closes #13544 "Merge branch '13544-make-packages'".
      13838 add site config file
      13838 add site config file
      closes #13838 "Merge branch '13838-site-conf-file'".

Janicki Artur (70):
      fix test
      create re-usable components: attribute, empty-state and icon, prepare panel for data
      modify icon component
      add enum for icons types
      load item to panelDetails and display data
      Merge branch 'master' into 13765-information-inside-details-panel
      add factory patter for render item details
      remove imports from panel details
      set export as default abstract class
      improve header
      fill common item details, clean code, change factory details panel
      improve attributes and dt-factory, modify side-panel, main-app-bar and icons
      clean code after CR
      add all icons and modify items fo details panel
      modify items for details panel
      fix test
      add all icons to icon component, refactor code and change icons
      change code after CR
      fix tests
      Merge branch 'master' into 13764-icons-colors-unification-refactoring
      fix bugs - display details panel when user is logout
      refactoring side panel component
      refatoring project tree component, create component for list item
      clean code for single-list-item
      change arrow color for free component
      clean code after CR
      rename component for list-item-text-icon
      Merge branch 'master' into 13797-refactoring
      Merge branch '13797-refactoring'
      refactoring project-panel
      back to name - ProjectPanelColumnNames
      back to previous naming
      back to previous names for const methods
      Merge branch 'master' into 13797-refatoring-part2
      fix empty state - display icon
      add red color
      Merge branch '13797-refatoring-part2'
      add current token modal and modify workbench
      fix test for main-app-bar
      Merge branch 'master' into 13786-current-token
      Merge branch '13786-current-token'
      init collection view with routing and store
      change code after CR
      create collection context menu and modify code
      Merge branch 'master' into 13853-collection-view-info-card
      Merge branch '13853-collection-view-info-card'
      init collection edit dialog, add reducers, modify store, refactor code
      init and save form, modify store
      add copy to clipboard
      Merge branch 'master' into 13903-edit-collection-popup
      Merge branch 'master' into 13903-edit-collection-popup
      fix services after merge and improve onSubmit method for save collection
      Merge branch '13903-edit-collection-popup'
      init load tags for collection
      create tag model and change code
      add form for create tag, modify service and action
      add delete tag, improve detail attributes and modify collection panel
      change chip styles
      Merge branch 'master' into 13854-tags-card
      Merge branch '13854-tags-card'
      add possibility to edit collection from data explorer
      Merge branch '13898-edit-collection-from-data-explorer'
      add default view component and use inside project and details panel
      customize data-explorer, add attrs and modify favorite panel
      fix test for data-explorer
      Merge branch 'master' into 13894-default-view-component
      Merge branch '13894-default-view-component'
      redirect from empty routing to root project and display list
      workbench - fix test
      Merge branch '13986-projects-list-and-default-routing'

Michal Klobukowski (331):
      Create search bar component
      Create breadcrumbs component
      Update SearchBar layout to stretch horizontally to wrapping container
      Create main app bar prototype
      Add onclick handler to breadcrumbs component
      Create dropdown menu component
      Add breadcrumb interface export
      Add generic app bar menu rendering, extend main app bar props
      Add new main app bar to workbench
      replace search-box callbacks with onSearch, flatten appbar actions interface
      Add search bar component unmount handler, clean up search bar code
      Add enzyme dependencies
      Create search-bar tests
      Create dropdown-menu tests
      Move breadcrumbs component to the root components directory
      Merge branch 'master' into 13590-main-app-bar-component-1
      Merge master branch
      Add missing key attribute in main app bar render method
      Set tslint semicolon rule and aply it to the project
      Clean up main app bar and breadcrumbs code
      Tighten main app bar
      Create breadcrumbs tests
      Transform breadcrumbs to stateless component
      Transform main app bar to stateless component
      Create tests for main app bar
      Create data-explorer and project-explorer prototype
      Merge master branch
      Refactor breadcrumbs component
      refactor main app bar, move getUseFullname fn to user model
      Merge branch '13590-main-app-bar-component-1'
      Merge branch 'master'
      Change column configurator icon, make column list more dense
      Seaparate project-explorer component from project-explorer view
      Create popover component, replace popover in columns configurator
      Create ProjectItem interface, update project explorer columns
      Make data-explorer onItemClick prop optional
      Mock project explorer item actions
      Extend column with headerRender and configurable properties, apply these properties
      Clean up columns configurator code
      Create tests for columns configurator
      Remove columns configurator usage to project-explorer, use provided keys when mapping over columns
      Update project explorer layout
      Update data-explorer naming convention
      Create data table tests
      Fix data table usage in data explorer
      Add popover defaults, allow popover to close on self click
      Create popover tests
      Extract data item interface and data explorer formatters and renderers
      Clean up data table code
      Create function to create tree item branch and tests for it
      Connect breadcrumbs witg project tree
      Update breadcrumbs layout to handle longer entries
      Mock popper.js module
      Format creadcrumbs test code
      Apply code formatting and naming according to code review
      Merge branch 'master'
      Update layout to match new latest mockups
      Merge branch '13601-basic-data-exploring-component'
      Merge branch 'master'
      Rename findTreeBranch to getTreePath
      Merge branch '13628-connect-breadcrumbs-with-project-tree'
      Add table row mouse event handling props
      Implement basic context menu
      Implement context menu actions
      Create test for context menu
      Replace VoidFunction type with arrow functions
      Extract generic context-menu component
      Add close menu call when handling conext menu action
      Remove context actions from data-explorer state
      Update workbench styles to handle main content vertical scrolling
      Merge branch '13634-data-explorer-context-menu'
      Merge branch 'master' into 13637-workbench-general-look-adjustments
      Merge branch '13637-workbench-general-look-adjustments'
      Extend DataColumn and DataTable to handle sorting
      Merge branch 'master'
      Create data table filter component
      Create tests for data table filter
      Extract generic data-explorer component
      Refactor code for easier testing
      Add data table test for filters
      Create data explorer tests
      Add search input component
      Add search input communication test, fix context menu communication  test
      Add pagination to data explorer
      Hide search input and column selector when there is no items
      Apply fixes according to code review
      Restore context menu icon
      Merge branch '13633-data-explorer-column-filtering'
      Create data explorer actions and reducer
      Connect project explorer to the store
      Merge branch 'master'
      Apply better code formatting
      Reuse DataColumns type
      Fix context menu positioning when opened with a trigger
      Add rowsPerPageOptions prop support
      Replace project-panel with project-explorer
      Add toolbar with project explorer actions
      Add project panel toolbar template
      Implement sorting in projet-panel
      Implement filtering in project-panel
      Stop propagation of row actions click
      Clean up go back row
      Merge branch '13683-sorting-and-filtering-of-projects-and-collections'
      Merge branch 'master'
      Replace go back item with browser back button support
      Improve handling on of project url changes
      Fix react issue with calling actions in render method, handle opening projects tree on item route change
      Fix incorrect projets item toggling
      Clean up the code according to code review
      Merge branch '13678-connect-data-explorer-to-the-store'
      Create CommonResourceService and OrderBuilder
      Create GroupsService and implement contents method
      Create test for GroupsService
      Change order builder output format
      Apply fixes according to code review comments
      Merge branch '13702-contents-api-service'
      Add immutability and concatenation of order builder
      Update order builder usages
      Handle data explorer actions in data explorer container
      Create DataItem type to ensure table rows use key attr to properly rerender
      Add prop to pass available items amount to pagination
      Improve pagination actions in data explorer
      Create project panel middleware
      Merge branch 'master' into 13703-data-explorer-and-contents-api
      Update models with groups, colelctions, workflows and processes
      Update item icon and type rendering accoring to item type
      Add convenience create method add handle Resource type in FitlerBuilder
      Make DataColum filters type generic
      Handle resource type in type filters
      Handle filtering in projectPanelMiddleware
      Add pagination reseting to set filters action handler
      Remove unused project-panel-selectors module
      Add new conditions and concatenation to FilterBuilder
      Implement filtering by status
      Refactor OrderBuilder
      Implement sorting by name and createdAt fields
      Fix FilterBuilder concatenation add "like" rules
      Make data explorer's search input always visible
      Handle set_search_value action in data explorer reducer
      Implement project explorer searching
      Add enum with resource prefixes
      Stop pagination reset when sorting is toggled
      Add SortDirection and ProjectColumnName enums
      Update existing tests to work with latest changes
      Create FilterBuilder tests
      Remove unused workflow references
      Move project panel middleware to store directory
      Merge branch 'master' into 13704-navigation-details-panel
      Merge branch '13704-navigation-details-panel'
      Merge branch 'master' into 13703-data-explorer-and-contents-api
      Merge branch '13703-data-explorer-and-contents-api'
      Fix common resource service create method
      Create projects service
      Fix typo
      Fix filters used to obtain uer's projects
      Merge branch '13747-incorrect-items-in-project-tree'
      Move context menu to workbench component
      Add onContextMenu props to breadcrumbs
      Clean up after adding context menu to data-explorer and breadcrumbs
      Block browser context menu inside app's context menu
      Merge branch '13770-browser-context-menu-on-top'
      Add possibility to modifiy API_HOST using env variables
      Merge branch '13748-api-host-configuration'
      Create actions and store field for project creator
      Connect project dialog to the store
      Create store and connect detail panel
      merge changes
      Apply temporary fix
      Merge branch '13775-custom-theme-test-errors'
      Merge branch 'master' into 13694-Data-operations-Project-creation
      Handle project form submission
      Reload project tree and project panel after project creation
      Merge branch '13765-information-inside-details-panel'
      Add double click handler
      Load details while navigating using tree or breadcrumbs
      Merge branch '13777-double-click-handler-in-project-panel'
      Resolve merge conflicts
      Fix failing tests
      Merge branch '13694-Data-operations-Project-creation'
      Clone state before updating on PROJECT_SUCCESS
      Create new state on PROJECT_REQUEST action
      Remove unnecessary navigation operations
      Merge branch '13746-infinite-project-loading-animation'
      Redirect on side panel item activation, activate projects item on project tree item activation
      Merge branch '13750-project-item-remains-active'
      Merge branch 'master' into 13705-item-common-details
      Merge branch '13705-item-common-details'
      Unify use of Collection and Project resource types
      Move Resource interface to models, unify ResourceKind enum
      Fix tests
      Refactor data table to accept extractKey props rather than requiring DataItem type
      Update Resource kind reference, update missing component props in tests
      Remove unused actions file
      Remove unused response type file
      Merge branch '13705-item-common-details-next'
      Merge branch 'master'
      Merge branch '13798-refactor'
      Extract context-menu view component
      Implement base distinction between context menu kind
      Implement better pattern for hanling actions in context menu
      Make use of a new Icon component in ContextMenu
      Improve code organization under context-menu directory
      Update tests
      Add execute function to context menu actions
      Unify naming
      Add AuthService constructor with serverApi param
      Implement configuration fetching during runtime
      Merge branch 'master'
      Remove emptyIconSet
      Merge branch '13805-extract-context-menu-view-component-f'
      Merge branch 'master' into 13817-runtime-app-configuration
      Merge branch '13817-runtime-app-configuration'
      Merge branch '13764-icons-colors-unification-refactoring'
      Update icons in context menu
      Merge branch '13834-update-icons-in-context-menu'
      Create Link model and service
      Create FavoriteService
      Add recursive flag to favorite contents api call
      Restric order and filters arguments of favorite list
      Merge branch 'master'
      Create util for mocking resource services, create tests for FavoriteService
      Merge branch 'master' into 13840-favorites-service
      Merge branch '13840-favorites-service'
      Create actions and reducer for favorites
      Add method for checking if resource is present in favorites
      Create actions for resolving resource favorite status
      Create FavoriteStar component
      Remove unused style rule
      Update ContextMenu to accept name and icon components
      Create component for favorite management menu item
      Implement action for toggling favorite status
      Fix context menu closeanimation
      Load favorites info for items from ProjectPanel
      Fix lack of icon styling applied to context menu item
      Add resource actions set
      Add possibility to filter favorites by type
      Update context-menu tests
      Save resource name when creating favorite
      Fix import
      Merge branch '13784-add-to-favorite'
      Implement searching in favorites-panel
      Add ordering of favorite list results
      Merge branch '13753-favorites-view' of git.curoverse.com:arvados-workbench2 into 13753-favorites-view
      Merge branch 'master'
      Add navigation fro favorites panel, load favorites panel after page refresh
      Merge branch '13753-favorites-view' of git.curoverse.com:arvados-workbench2 into 13753-favorites-view
      Create simple snackbar actinos, reducer and component
      Integrate favorites with snackbar
      Add temporary hardcoded base api url
      Merge branch '13886-integrate-favorites-with-snackbar-notifications'
      Set temp base api url
      Merge branch '13889-bad-temp-base-api-url'
      Remove hardcoded url value
      Merge branch '13889-bad-temp-base-api-url'
      Create data-explorer-middleware
      Add function for binding data explorer actions the given identifier
      Reorganiza service to make use of dynamic config
      Merge branch '13819-fix-dynamic-url-configuration'
      Merge branch 'master' into 13887-extract-common-functionality-from-project-and-favorites-panels
      Merge branch 'master' into 13887-extract-common-functionality-from-project-and-favorites-panels
      Merge branch 'master' into 13887-extract-common-functionality-from-project-and-favorites-panels
      Update bindDataExplorerActions to use middleware service
      Implement data-explorer-middleware tests
      Update favorite-panel and project panel implementation
      Create common render functions  module
      Create actions for panels using bindDataExplorerActions function, move panel identifiers to corresponding services
      Fix and make use of DataExplorer getter
      Fix missing param in favorites api call
      Extends tree component with checkboxes
      Fix layout after modifing tree component
      Update tree component with disableRipple prop, handle checkbox using onClick prop
      Pass down onSelectionChange prop
      Create FileTree component
      Create collection-panel-files actions and reducer
      Create CollectionPanelFiles [WIP]
      Fix getDataExplorer method
      Use bindDataExplorerActions in middleware, remove api field from service class, update tests
      Add headers and menu button to collection-panel-files
      Init collection-panel-files hoc
      Implement reducer and state mapping functions
      Init collection-files context menus
      Implement 'select/unselect all' actions
      Create model and parser for keep manifest
      Merge branch 'master'
      Update keep manifest naming, fix splitting up the manifest text
      Add function for getting correct file tree item icon
      Add collection-panel manifest map utils
      Update collection panel actions and reducer to work with updated state structure
      Update collection-panel-container to handle new state structure
      Move collection-panel-files to collection-panel
      Clean collection files when loading new collection
      Apply simple memoization in state mapping function
      Extract tree data structure
      Add function for tree nodes value manipulation
      Fix file size info alignment
      Add upload data button
      Create colelction-panel-files-reducer tests
      Create generic dialog state
      Persist dialog data after closing to avoid dialog content blinking
      Pass closeDialog action into component wrapped withDialog
      Mock collection files removal dialogs
      Mock rename dialog
      Merge branch 'master'
      Fix node_modules imports
      Move collection manifest parser and mapper to collection-files-service directory
      Init CollectionFilesService
      Merge branch 'master'
      Fix CR comments
      Memoize columns in data-explorer dispatch mapping function
      Merge branch '13855-data-collection-files-card'
      Add functions for stringifying collection files and keep manifest
      Remove unused imports
      Implement renameFile and deleteFile [WIP]
      Implement RenameFileDialog
      Implement file remove dialogs
      Reset rename dialog on open
      Create ProjectTreePicker
      Merge branch '13952-file-context-menu-actions-implementation' of git.curoverse.com:arvados-workbench2 into 13952-file-context-menu-actions-implementation
      Connect project tree picker to the form
      Merge branch 'master'
      Update tests
      Merge branch '13952-file-context-menu-actions-implementation'
      Implement simple webdav client
      Create webdav client tests
      Add onProgress callback to PutConfig
      Add more tests
      Add webdavClient to ServiceRepository
      Remvoe static create method, update webdav methods signatures, change Config props name case
      Remove typos
      Fix config file parsing regression
      Merge branch '14024-undefined-config-variables'

Nico Cesar (4):
      13544: Makefile massive cleanup, more specialized targets
      13544: Package Iteration was missing in the Makefile.
      13544: Removing packages-with-versions target in Makefile. Consolidated in packages
      13544: RPM and DEB packages have their own target

Pawel Kowalczyk (99):
      Added icons to tree
      Added scrollability, styles for tree
      Added color for active leaf of tree
      Merge conflicts
      Generic tree issue withStyles
      Arrows tree component
      project-tree component
      export workbenchprops interface
      deleted unnecessary divs in project-tree component
      tree test
      Tree component adjsustments for dynamic contents
      Merge branch 'master' of git.curoverse.com:arvados-workbench2 into 13618-Tree-component-adjustments-for-dynamic-contents
      expand tree component after click on ARROW
      Merge branch '13618-Tree-component-adjustments-for-dynamic-contents'
      new flags in side panel
      fixed test
      Merge branch '13679-Empty-data-table'
      Merge branch '13684-Create-functionality-in-project-service'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin' into 13694-Data-operations-Project-creation
      changing location of context-menu
      Merge branch '13694-Data-operations-Project-creation' of git.curoverse.com:arvados-workbench2 into 13694-Data-operations-Project-creation
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin' into 13694-Data-operations-Project-creation
      merge conficts
      small refactor
      deleted arrow funtion
      validation from BE
      deleted unnecessary code
      deleted unnecesary spaces
      Merge branch '13796-Refactoring'
      duplicatedName flag renamed on isUniqName
      Creation dialog with redux-form validation
      merge conflicts
      deleted export + added lines on the end of file
      deleted unnecessary file
      css styles on top
      deleted default from export
      Merge branch 'master' into 13885-refactor-and-unify-icons-on-tree-component
      CR changes
      merge master
      Merge branch '13781-Data-operations-Creating-a-project-validation'
      Merge branch 'master' into 13885-refactor-and-unify-icons-on-tree-component
      CR changes
      Merge branch '13885-refactor-and-unify-icons-on-tree-component'
      refs #test-fix
      merge master
      Merge branch '13830-change-snakecase-to-upper-case-in-enums'
      Merge branch 'master' into 13883-arrow-animation-is-not-working-after-loading
      merge master
      Merge branch '13883-arrow-animation-is-not-working-after-loading'
      refs #test-fix
      merge master
      added snackbars on creating projects and collections
      cr changes
      Merge branch '13893-collection-creation'
      getting tree path
      merge master
      Merge branch 'master' into 13905-restoring-correct-tree-state-and-panel-item-highlighting-on-page-refresh-with-given-url
      reloaction tooglesidepanelactive from workbench to navigation-panel
      deleted unnecessary code
      Merge branch 'master' into 13905-restoring-correct-tree-state-and-panel-item-highlighting-on-page-refresh-with-given-url
      cr changes
      deleted unnecessary code
      restoring using currentId
      strings for enums
      Merge branch '13905-restoring-correct-tree-state-and-panel-item-highlighting-on-page-refresh-with-given-url'
      Merge branch 'master' into 13992-creating-a-collection-within-a-project-does-not-refresh-the-list-of-collections
      Merge branch '13992-creating-a-collection-within-a-project-does-not-refresh-the-list-of-collections'
      Merge branch 'master' into 13979-creating-project-name-of-previously-created-project-is-still-populating-name-field-when-creating-another
      Merge branch '13979-creating-project-name-of-previously-created-project-is-still-populating-name-field-when-creating-another'

Ward Vandewege (1):
      A few Makefile changes for the CI build pipeline.



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