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Thu Nov 30 09:11:01 EST 2017

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 tagged by  Fernando Monserrat
        on  Thu Nov 30 11:10:00 2017 -0300

tagging release 1.1.1 for Roche
Arvados-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Fernando Monserrat <fmonserrat at veritasgenetics.com>"

Lucas Di Pentima (38):
      12018: Added arv-sync-groups command, to synchronize groups membership
      12018: Avoid making duplicate api calls to add an already added user when
      12018: Remote group synchronization tool. First draft.
      12018: Ignore compiled binary
      12018: Several changes, listed below:
      12018: Added flag to specify a parent group UUID. When not given,
      12018: Removed superfluous check
      12018: Skip CSV register if one of its fields is empty
      12018: Various updates, described below:
      12018: Manage two way links for group memberships.
      12018: Simplify ListAll()
      12018: resourceList interface simplification. Code re-stying.
      12018: Stop using arvadosclient in favor of arvados package for API
      12018: Do not tag remote groups with tag links. Use the parent
      12018: Group membership need two-way links between the user and
      12018: User, UserList, Group & GroupList types go into Go SDK.
      12018: Split setup code on its own functions
      12018: Move remote group retrieving and member removal code to
      12018: Added basic tests
      12018: Splitted api client calls to their own funcs.
      12018: CSV file processing code separated to its own function.
      12018: Fixed membership removal call. Added input validation.
      12018: Create synchronized remote groups as "role" groups.
      12018: Changed the input file parameter to be positional.
      12018: Fixed positional argument handling.
      12018: Moved Link & LinkList types to GoSDK arvados package
      12018: Enhanced error message when having a parse error.
      12018: Enhanced readability of ProcessFile() function.
      12018: Set up fields per record, so it won't try to guess it from
      12018: Added API server start/stop calls to test suite.
      12533: Do not update the API Client Authorization record to avoid
      Merge branch 'master' into 12018-sync-groups-tool
      Merge branch '12018-sync-groups-tool'
      Merge branch 'master' into 12533-row-lock-contention
      Merge branch '12533-row-lock-contention'
      12533: Add client IP address & authorization token UUID to the logs.
      12533: Use @remote_ip to take into account the reverse proxy
      Merge branch '12533-token-n-ip-logging'

Peter Amstutz (54):
      12125: Initial work, separate collection and project trash tabs.
      12125: Can browse trashed projects & untrash them.
      12125: Workbench 404 page checks if item is in the trash.
      12125: Fix 404 page when not showing a specific object.
      12125: Restore "move trashed items to home" behavior for now.
      12125: Missing file
      12125: Adjust table layout
      12125: Adding test
      12125: Expand test case.
      12125: Displaying only trashed collections sort of works.
      12125: Can search within trashed projects.
      12125: 404 page searches owners to find actual trashed object.
      12125: Don't show checkbox for items located within trashed project.
      12125: Added note about searching for collections within trash.
      12125: Update trash tests
      12125: Don't offer to untrash item if it isn't trash
      12125: Recognize that projects (groups) can be trashed, too.
      12125: Add test deleting project via API updates FUSE.
      Merge branch '12125-workbench-project-trash' refs #12125
      Merge branch '12125-fuse-project-trash' refs #12125
      12494: Add CORS header support to arv-git-httpd
      Migration for indexes on containers and container_requests.
      Merge branch '12494-arv-git-cors' closes #12494
      12183: Evaluate symlinks to handle chained links and absolute paths.
      12183: Support uploading symlinks to directories.
      12183: Improve error handling if unable to delete symlinks marked for deletion.
      12183: Simplify walking symlinks in upload.
      12183: Refactor file upload so there is one walk to handle both symlinks and
      12183: Add comment about purpose of "relocated"
      12183:  Refactor derefOutputSymlink into its own method.
      12183: Fix tests.
      12183: Handle circular directory symlinks
      12183: Update documentation.
      12183: Fix renamed symbol
      12183: Fix section headers.
      12183: Tweak documenation for clarity.
      Merge branch '12183-crunch-run-symlinks'  closes #12183
      12568: Mange collection cache to avoid excessive memory usage.
      12568: Add test for collection cache management behavior
      12568: Update test to check which collection gets evicted
      12568: Reduce min_entries
      Force kill arv-mount wip
      12538: Make handling of arv-mount process more robust
      12538: Fix tests.
      12538: Refactor force-unmount behavior.
      12538: Refactor and assume arv-mount --unmount does all the hard work.
      12538: Refactor crunch-run shutdown
      12538: Put cleanup back into separate defer
      Merge branch '12538-crunchrun-kill-arvmount' closes #12538
      Merge branch '12568-cwl-collection-cache'  closes #12568
      12601: Apply pathmap to job order for RunInSingleContainer subwf.
      12601: Add test
      Merge branch '12601-pathmap-subwf'  closes #12601
      Bump schema-salad for extension schema loading bugfix. refs #11163

Tom Clegg (52):
      12216: Add webdav handler.
      12216: Use no-op locking system.
      12216: Disable lock operations.
      12216: Test webdav directory listings.
      12216: Allow Content-Type header via CORS.
      12216: Avoid opening all files when generating webdav dir lists.
      12216: Fix crash at path "/c=foo"
      12216: Allow Authorization header in cross-origin requests.
      12216: Separate config for uuid->pdh cache TTL, default 5 seconds.
      12216: Merge branch 'master' into 12216-webdav-list
      11220: Don't bother trying to read manifests from Keep.
      11220: Fix deprecated assertEquals -> assertEqual.
      11220: Revive "arv-get {block-locator}" ability.
      12216: Document UUIDTTL in help message.
      12216: Add cadaver to arvbox.
      12216: Merge branch 'master' into 12216-webdav-list
      12462: Fix full-text search for terms like "foo.bar".
      Merge branch '12216-webdav-list'
      Merge branch '12462-search-periods'
      12462: Treat "/" and "-" as word chars, too.
      12167: Improve request-id tracking in Workbench.
      12167: Include a request ID in each API response and log entry.
      12494: Add CORS test.
      11220: Remove test for unsupported case.
      11220: Fix test case for new API call sequence.
      11220: Avoid implying that manifests can be loaded from Keep.
      Merge branch '12167-workbench-request-id'
      Merge branch '12462-search-hyphen'
      12478: Fix time-offset formatting + use more natural tick intervals.
      12546: Obey --skip-child-jobs flag for containers, too.
      12546: Update help message.
      Merge branch '12478-duration-fmt'
      Merge branch '12546-skip-container-children'
      12551: Check for errors after calling open().
      Merge branch '11220-manifest-fetch-error'
      Merge branch '12551-check-open-errors'
      11220: Fix test setup.
      12306: Avoid calling realpath/lstat unnecessarily during --unmount.
      11994: Fix wrong class in "except ENOENT" handler.
      Merge branch '11994-no-sysfs-fuse'
      12306: Resolve relative paths early, to avoid realpath() later.
      12306: Resolve any readable symlinks on unmount path.
      Merge branch '12306-dont-stat-mounts'
      12515: Advertise Workbench address in discovery doc.
      12515: Use workbenchUrl advertised by API server discovery doc.
      12515: Add discovery doc test.
      Add missing module name.
      Merge branch '12515-configured-workbench-address'
      Merge branch '12515-use-configured-wb'
      12513: Update tests, remove more unused code.
      12530: Speed up query by skipping unneeded ActiveRecord loading.
      Merge branch '12530-faster-scopes-filter'

Ward Vandewege (12):
      Handle rails 5 deprecation warning in services/api.
      Rip out a bunch of very very slow workbench code that doesn't seem to
      While we are at it, also throw out the broken progress bar and replace
      Remove puma from the API server Gemfile.
      Merge branch '10767-remove-puma-gem'
      12513: Fix 2 more tests.
      Add missing dependencies to the sanity check in run-tests.sh.
      Add another missing dependency to the sanity check in run-tests.sh.
      Make sure to apply the text-overflow-ellipsis class to the name of
      Match the actual name of the CR in the
      Merge branch 'master' into 12513-make-dashboard-fast-again
      Merge branch '12513-make-dashboard-fast-again'



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