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Fri Mar 13 17:31:47 EDT 2015

Summary of changes:
 apps/workbench/test/integration/collection_upload_test.rb |  3 ++-
 apps/workbench/test/integration/collections_test.rb       | 11 +++++------
 apps/workbench/test/integration/projects_test.rb          |  1 -
 3 files changed, 7 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

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commit f1bb6330f94f341c0d53eb01da532bfa995924f4
Author: Brett Smith <brett at curoverse.com>
Date:   Fri Mar 13 17:31:10 2015 -0400

    5034: Update Workbench integration tests.
    A lot of tests started failing because
    * they were looking for the string "content hash" to assert they were
      on a collection page, or
    * they expect the portable data hash to be real text on the page (as
      opposed to the value of an <input>).
    * Have the upload test check that the collection is empty by looking
      for the relevant size information, which was specified by the story.
    * Make sure we're on a specific collection page by looking for the
      collection's name or UUID (depending on what's available).
    * Refute we're on a specific collection page by matching against the
      URL.  This seems much safer in the long run.
    * Remove the "Content hash" assertion from projects test altogether.
      The prior text assertion should be sufficient to ensure we're on the
      right page.
    Refs #5034.

diff --git a/apps/workbench/test/integration/collection_upload_test.rb b/apps/workbench/test/integration/collection_upload_test.rb
index 38b6026..6960d3b 100644
--- a/apps/workbench/test/integration/collection_upload_test.rb
+++ b/apps/workbench/test/integration/collection_upload_test.rb
@@ -22,7 +22,8 @@ class CollectionUploadTest < ActionDispatch::IntegrationTest
     click_link 'Upload files from my computer'
     # Should be looking at a new empty collection.
     assert_text 'New collection'
-    assert_text 'd41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e+0'
+    assert_text ' 0 files'
+    assert_text ' 0 bytes'
     # The "Upload" tab should be active and loaded.
     assert_selector 'div#Upload.active div.panel'
diff --git a/apps/workbench/test/integration/collections_test.rb b/apps/workbench/test/integration/collections_test.rb
index 0a026f1..4a7014c 100644
--- a/apps/workbench/test/integration/collections_test.rb
+++ b/apps/workbench/test/integration/collections_test.rb
@@ -249,13 +249,13 @@ class CollectionsTest < ActionDispatch::IntegrationTest
     # make sure that we actually are looking at the collections
     # page and not e.g. a fiddlesticks
     assert page.has_text?("multilevel_collection_1")
-    assert page.has_text?(col['portable_data_hash'])
+    assert page.has_text?(col["name"] || col["uuid"])
     # Set filename filter to a syntactically invalid regex
     # Page loads, but stops filtering after the last valid regex parse
     assert page.has_text?("multilevel_collection_1")
-    assert page.has_text?(col['portable_data_hash'])
+    assert page.has_text?(col["name"] || col["uuid"])
     assert page.has_text?("file1")
     assert page.has_text?("file2")
     assert page.has_text?("file3")
@@ -328,15 +328,14 @@ class CollectionsTest < ActionDispatch::IntegrationTest
     # now in the newly created collection page
-    assert page.has_text?('Content hash:'), 'not on new collection page'
-    assert page.has_no_text?(col['uuid']), 'new collection page has old collection uuid'
-    assert page.has_no_text?(col['portable_data_hash']), 'new collection page has old portable_data_hash'
     # must have files in subdir1 and subdir3 but not subdir4
     assert page.has_text?('file_in_subdir1'), 'file_in_subdir1 missing from new collection'
     assert page.has_text?('file1_in_subdir3'), 'file1_in_subdir3 missing from new collection'
     assert page.has_text?('file2_in_subdir3'), 'file2_in_subdir3 missing from new collection'
     assert page.has_no_text?('file1_in_subdir4'), 'file1_in_subdir4 found in new collection'
     assert page.has_no_text?('file2_in_subdir4'), 'file2_in_subdir4 found in new collection'
+    # Make sure we're not still on the old collection page.
+    refute_match(%r{/collections/#{col['uuid']}}, page.current_url)
diff --git a/apps/workbench/test/integration/projects_test.rb b/apps/workbench/test/integration/projects_test.rb
index 9ee328c..6c9bd66 100644
--- a/apps/workbench/test/integration/projects_test.rb
+++ b/apps/workbench/test/integration/projects_test.rb
@@ -513,7 +513,6 @@ class ProjectsTest < ActionDispatch::IntegrationTest
         assert page.has_text?("Created new collection in your Home project"),
                               'Not found flash message that new collection is created in Home project'
-      assert page.has_text?('Content hash'), 'Not found content hash in collection page'



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